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Explaining Sommellerie Without Borders

"Argentine wine and sommellerie have much
to share with the rest of the world”

Following the warm reception of LetrAAS’ first edition in English, in 2019 the AAS confirmed it will now be published biannually. The newsletter continues to position itself as a tool with which sommeliers, journalists, importers, distributors and trade from all over the world can receive information about Argentine sommellerie and wine.


News and achievements

By Matías Prezioso

"Argentine wine is going through a fantastic time”

Once upon a time, the LetrAAS newsletter was just a dream – and today, it’s a reality. The Spanish edition comes out monthly and reaches AAS sommelier members as well as wineries, producers, bartenders, restaurateurs, communicators and wine lovers.

2019 Best Sommelier of Argentina


"It is the country’s most important sommellerie event and one of the most significant on Argentina’s wine calendar"

The finals for the Eighth Edition of the competition will be held on 2 September, when the best sommeliers in the country will compete in this event.


Small wineries to discover

By Alejandro Iglesias

"Small Argentine producers, mostly family projects, their wines are the synthesis of innovative Argentine viticulture and the country’s myriad terroirs"

Join Alejandro Iglesias on a personal tour of ten Argentine wineries, each with its own special wares to discover.



"Experiences such as these make sommelleries as a profession stronger"

The brand-new programme initiated to motivate new generations of sommeliers sent Martina Mielnikowicz, its first winner, to Spain to learn about La Luz del Duero winery and give a talk to mark Malbec World Day.


Argentina 2019 vintage report

By Sorrel Moseley-Williams

"A snapshot of the 2019 vintage around Argentina according to its enologists and agricultural engineers"

This round-up is based on reports sent by Argentine wineries exclusively for the AAS, so you can extract plenty of information about wine in our country.

The AAS in 2019


“18 years of history, commitment and growth"

We’ve reached a moment in time when it is worth reflecting on the objectives that propel the AAS as an organisation committed to the introduction of wine in general and sommellerie in particular.


ASOMMA, the first magazine for sommeliers

The new AAS project

"This publication shares our views, covering diverse topics related to wine explored from the perspective of Argentine sommellerie"

What’s new on the Argentine market

New vintages from wineries

"Some wineries released their latest vintages during the first half of the year, so here are some highlights to keep you up to date with the market"